Miles Edgeworth (samriprosecutor) wrote in lawyerbox,
Miles Edgeworth

Who: Miles Edgeworth, Tyki Mikk
What: Tyki decides to finally teach Edgeworth that lesson.
Where: Edgeworth's Apartment
When: AU/non-canon DDD, after Tyki finds out his friendship with Phoenix is beyond repair

The day had seen the culmination of a grueling, bitterly fought trial, one which had seemed to stretch on far longer than three days. The night was filled with paperwork, of course, but by the time it was over and he moved slowly into the bedroom, his bed looked more inviting than usual. Even the absence of the thick-furred dog who would normally be sleeping beside it (thanks to the unusual demands of the trial, Sieghard was spending the night at his trainer's) did little to detract from his anticipation.

Exhaustion creeping up on him, Edgeworth crossed the room and gave the bed one more longing look before he paused in front of the nightstand to empty his pockets. His cufflinks followed, then his shoes, which were deposited by the closet door in anticipation of a morning polish. He started removing his jabot just as he disappeared into the bathroom, leaving the door half open so a wide swath of bright light spilled out into the dimly lit bedroom.
Tags: miles edgeworth, tyki mikk
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